A New Method of Oppositional Gravitational Search Algorithm Using in Cloud Computing


  • S.Saravanan, V. Venkatachalam


Cloud computing is that the extended unreal vision of hard as a utility, wherever cloud users will distantly store their info into the cloud thus on relish the on-demand nice quality implementations and facilities from a communal pool of configurable hard sources. Cloud Computing develops predominant, additional and additional sensitive information square measure being central into the cloud. These work emphases on giving a dependable and safe cloud information sharing service that allows customers dynamic access to their info. For attaining this, during this article, we have a tendency to progress the privacy protective intermediate dataset on the idea of the Oppositional gravitative Search algorithmic program and Elliptic Curve Cryptography encoding technique customary (OGSA+ECC). within the preliminary part, the intermediate dataset is made and OGSA algorithmic program is enforced for ruling the optimum node assortment from the cloud. later, we have a tendency to work out the sensitive info on the idea of the information gain. Lastly, we have a tendency to smear the code for sensitive info encoding and investigation is performed by the datasets. The investigation is achieved with the assistance of the knowledge sets to guage the performance within the name of encoding time and memory use. From the investigation, it are often complete that the encoding time and memory usage cut back with upsurge in threshold