Towards a Systematic Literature Review of Non-Functional Requirement Prioritization Approaches


  • Varun Gupta, Shivam Lohia, Deniz Çetinkaya, Hye-jin Kim


The success of any software system depends on implementation of functional requirements followed by non-functional ones. There are various studies about prioritizing functional requirements and improving the prioritization techniques, but the work related to non-functional requirements prioritization is limited and there are no guidelines about which technique to be executed under particular circumstances. This paper does an empirical systematic review of the literature to identify and critically review the disseminated work based on empirical studies of software industries or presenting the non-functional requirement (NFR) prioritization approaches. The literature review yielded various insights; prominent amongst them includes, ad-hoc manner of NFR prioritization, neglection of NFRs, and the need for validation of existing NFR prioritization approaches on live data set with large number of NFRs which are always changing.