Linux Kernel Evolution: Analysis of Versions 3.0 and 3.2


  • Oded Koren, Nir Perel


This research analyzes the development progress of Linux Kernel versions 3.0.X and3.2.X. It presents analysis of 101 3.0.X Linux kernel sub-versions from 5/8/2011 until22/10/2013, and 69 3.2.X sub-versions, from 12/1/2012 till 10/5/2015. The outcomes ofthe analysis present minimum changes in the development of both Linux Kernel versions(in the checked parameters). We also perform a comparison of the studied parametersbetween 3.0.X and 3.2.X. In addition, we perform comparisons with older Linux kernelversions (i.e., 1.3.X, 2.1.X and 2.4.X) to understand the differences of the checkedparameters. The minimum changes in the examined parameters imply minor progresswithin Linux kernel development in versions 3.0.X and 3.2.X. However, further studymust be done by examining more advanced Linux kernel versions, which may imply thereis a pattern in the behavior of the most recent Linux kernel versions.