Design of a Work Process and Implementation of a Prototype for the Development of an Automation Tool for Android Application Vulnerability Inspection


  • Da-Woon Leem, Hyun-Ju Jung, Moon-Sung Hwang, Jung-Ah Shim, Hyun-Jung Kwon


As a variety of services are provided through mobile devices, there have been increasing security threats to mobile platforms and applications. Many mobile application security check methodologies are proposed to deal with such threats, but it is not clear exactly how the security vulnerabilities are inspected, and there is no correct methodology for such. One way to increase the execution rate of vulnerability check is to develop an automation tool that simplifies the process. Therefore, in this study, a work process of Android application vulnerability inspection was designed and a prototype of the automation tool for vulnerability inspection was implemented. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the implemented prototype was assessed through an actual application using the prototype.