Develop Total IT Service Monitoring System of Agentless Method for Total Management of based on Cloud Service Demand


  • Mi-Jin Kim, Yong-Kee Kang, Yun-Sik Yu


Cloud computing technology relieves the maintenance burden of corporate IT infrastructure, which is the highly expected area for cost saving to be achieved through corporate IT technology innovation. But logically more monitored items occur especially in cloud service using virtualization technology. In reality, monitoring tool is increasingly gaining more attention because of its capability of monitoring service quality, as virtualization-based equipments not seen physically.
The system developed in this paper, allows for real-time total monitoring of all elements that configure services by implementing Agentless total computing monitoring system for comprehensive management of IT infrastructure service, as well as for service quality monitoring with Replay function through monitoring log analysis and Big Data analysis on resources traffic and performance data. Furthermore, Android application was developed in order to provide monitoring and alarming services.